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Think about it: You are living in the world of technology, where everything is on a constant and rapid change. Technologies come and go and a daily basis. What you’re using today, may become an obsolete technology tomorrow. Not only that, if you don’t move to the new technologies as soon as possible, you will lose the improvements, and new opportunities they bring. On top of all this, you are building a startup. Your job is to be innovative, to make a change, to create the ‘next thing’. You yourself are an agent of change, of moving forward, putting the…

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Like most of the other technical folk out there, I too am a coffee addict. Ever since I started programming, this delicious dark drink has been my true companion through restless days and nights. I take my coffee seriously. I really put any effort into making the best cup of coffee I can, for myself, and for my colleagues (well, at least before the quarantine separated us!). Although I’m not a professional, I have always tried to learn more about creating high-quality coffee. And my friends too know how much I care about my coffee!

A couple of years ago…

Imagine this scenario. You’ve gathered the most awesome team of co-founders for your company. With a clear and exciting goal to achieve, and a well-structured team, you start your awesome work.

In the first stages of your company, you will face one important issue: Scarcity. Be it in your financial resources, time, energy, and dedication (yes, you may have to work beyond your limits in the beginning) and other resources both in the team and personal level. A company needs some sacrifice in time and resources, but the co-founders have an unwritten agreement to do all they can to make…

Over the past few years, we’ve been working on many different projects and products for Idearun startup studio. Most of our projects (all of the big ones), use an API based system, with an API backend handling all data and logic, and different API clients (web, mobile, bots, and etc.) handling user representations. Over time, aside from our own client developers, we’ve had to provide APIs for third party developers and also some public APIs. …

Hasan Noori

Co-founder and CTO at Formaloo, Board member at Idearun startup studio, Co-organizer at TEDxTehran.

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